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I'm a plumber and this flashlight has made me money! Now it takes me much less time to get my work done and I can do more throughout the day. I am delighted, highly recommended
I'm retired and lately I've been "fixing" everything around the house. My brother-in-law recommended it to me and the truth is that since I tried it, I use it a lot to do my work. Now everything is easier!
My son gave me 3 and I use them all! I have one at home to go down to the basement, another one I always carry with me in the car and the last one is in the toolbox and I use it whenever I have to fix something at home. It's great to have both hands free
It can be be used in so many ways; carabiner, magnet, folding support, adjustable, tripod, etc. Rechargeable, very bright, very compact. The USB-C plug is a nice feature, and the bottle opener is a nice extra.